Friendly: Turkey surprises Germany… – Football

11:11 p.m.Friendly: Turkey surprises Germany… 11:05 p.m.EdF: Mbappé recounts his crazy lob 10:59 p.m.EdF: Deschamps is already coming to Greece 10:51 p.m.VIDEO: Mbappé’s jewelry! 10:44 p.m.Euro: Netherlands, Romania and Switzerland qualified 10:42 p.m.EdF: 14-0, a historic victory! 10:38 p.m.Euro: Group B class (France) 10:35 p.m.Euro: France 14-0 Gibraltar (final) 10:31 p.m.PSG: Fabian Ruiz was sent to France 10:15 p.m.Cameroon: Eto’o will meet Ekitike 10 p.m.Al Ittihad: Gallardo, it’s a sign (official) 9:52 p.m.CdM 2026: Man and Senegal are having fun 9:20 p.m.Bordeaux: Sagnol sad for the club 9:08 p.m.EdF: Zare-Emery asked for a record, but… 8:53 p.m.PSV: Bakayoko joins the Premier League 8:36 p.m.Lyon: Textor opens 2 tracks in Brazil 8:17 p.m.Atletico: Morata talks about his return to the forefront 7:53 p.m.Euro 2024: the Croatian benefit 7:38 p.m.Euro: France-Gibraltar, the lines 7:16 p.m.Real: Kroos makes Wirtz (Site notre bureau spécialisé) 6:58 p.m.Poland: Lewandowski has no money for bras 6:38 p.m.Al Ahli: return to Celta for Veiga 6:19 p.m.Bavaria: no extension for Sarr 5:57 p.m.PSG: Zare-Emery, a “robot” for E. Mbappé 5:39 p.m.PSG: Juventus team includes Fabian Ruiz 5:14 p.m.Barça: Fati intends to win 4:54 p.m.Man City: Kovacic learns a lot from Guardiola 4:37 p.m.CdF: Troyes and Bastia already eliminated 4:23 p.m.Italy: Spalletti sees the glass half full 3:57 p.m.CdM 2026: Russian debut for South Africa 3:45 p.m.CdM (U17): France sweeps away the USA 3:22 p.m.Rennes: Six-month contract for Stéphane 2:57 p.m.Rennes: why Gnsio says stop 2:35 p.m.Real: Vinicius, more serious than expected? 2:11 p.m.Real: Modric’s declaration of love 1:48 p.m.Liverpool: Diaz dreams of Bara 1:22 p.m.VIDEO: high five froce, Sylvinho gives a 1:00 p.m.Man City: Haaland blesses with Norway 12:39 p.m.Real: Prez considers extending Ancelotti 12:18 p.m.PSG: part of the club being sold? 11:57 a.m.Nancy: relaunches Pablo Correa (official) 11:36 a.m.Miscellaneous: return to Brazil for Luiz Gustavo 11:14 a.m.EdF: the Olympics, Mbappé relies on PSG 10:53 a.m.Bavaria: San makes his conductors wait 10:29 a.m.Juve: its future, Rabiot is on the way 10:06 a.m.Real: will we see Vinicius again in 2023? 09:43Man City: 30 points in the morning or the match? 09:20Lyon: a sports director will be appointed 08:59Bara: Ter Stegen returns to bless 08:22Rennes: J. Stphan to replace Gnsio? 17/11Euro 2024: the results of the evening 17/11EdF (Espoirs): big concern for Lepenant 17/11CdF: Bordeaux was (very) hot! 17/11CdM 2026: the huge success of Côte d’Ivoire 17/11Brest: three players extend (official) 17/11Lyon: Prud’homme appointed CEO (official) 17/11EdF (Espoirs): Henry very cash with his players 17/11EdF (Espoirs): first defeat for Henry! 17/11Euro 2024: Sylvinho and Albania qualify 17/11PSG: Ballon d’Or, Karembeu advises Mbappé 17/11Juve: any interest in a party this winter? 17/11EdF: Zare-Emery, Deschamps’ announcement 17/11VIDEO: a nice free kick from an OM player 17/11TdC: the match could be played in France 17/11PSG: the Ballon d’Or, Mbappé no surprise 17/11PSG: Mbappé returns to Enrique’s pike 17/11PSG: future son, Mbappé kicks in 17/11PSG: Enrique and Mbappé, rave Farioli 17/11Friendly: Metz beaten by an Angeman D2 17/11Milan: David for the next one? 17/11Golden Boy: Bellingham succeeds Gavi 17/11PSG: his future, Mbappé goes to the river 17/11Leipzig: Man Utd keeping tabs on Lukeba 17/11Brazil: Endrick in the history of Seleo 17/11Lyon: Cucci’s successor is found 17/11Man Utd: a former PSG director on the approach 17/11Everton: 10 points in months for the Toffees! 17/11Miscellaneous: Henri Stambouli is deceased 17/11Argentinian: De Paul responds to Ugarte 17/11Euro 2024: France as standard… 17/11Le Havre: Bodmer counts on Ayew 17/11Portugal: Ronaldo always bigger 17/11Real: ligament rupture for Camavinga 17/11Naples: Tudor’s agent explains his non-arrival 17/11VIDEOS: double of Diaz, the joy of the free pre 17/11Brest: three executives soon to be extended? 17/11EdF: Lizarazu sees Zare-Emery the Euro 17/11PSG: Mbappé at Real, Riolo no longer believes in it 17/11Chile: Berizzo’s selection resigns 17/11Argentinian: Messi reframes Ugarte 17/11Real: Vinicius has the chance of Brazil 17/11CdM 2026: Colombia overthrows Brazil 17/11CdM 2026: Uruguay comes from Argentina 16/11Euro 2024: the results of the evening 16/11Algeria: Belmadi still tense 16/11Montpellier: Savanier refuses OL and Milan 16/11Rennes: Rieder wants to redress the situation 16/11Barça: Messi, the memory of Marcus Thuram 16/11Al Ittihad: Benzema flatters Saudi Arabia 16/11Milan: illicit bets, Florenzi pargn 16/11Nôme: a very incisive press release 16/11Monaco: Vanderson aims for victory at the Parc 16/11Real: Joselu has no intention of leaving 16/11CdM 2026: Easy Egypt, 4 but for Salah! 16/11CdM 2026: the standards council of Nigeria! 16/11CdM 2026: Algeria wins 16/11OM: Di Meco in favor of McCourt’s departure 16/11Villarreal: end of season for Pino 16/11Bara: Gndogan dreams of Galatasaray? 16/11Real: PSG as a competitor for Davies? 16/11Bastia: already good for Linard (official) 16/11PSG: the club lost Hakimi 16/11Monaco: the title? Vanderson is a cautious person 16/11Atletico: Cerezo speaks on the Flix case 16/11PSG: Mbappé, the financial agreement confirms 16/11Toulouse: Liverpool, Comolli had felt it 16/11CdM 2034: Goretzka criticizes the attribution 16/11Reims: Always calm the rumor Ekitike 16/11Inter: Martinez decides to extend 16/11PHOTO: Descamps converted to linesman