French Football Cup. Between Annecy and Toulouse, who reports the match of the cities?

Gastronomy: Annecy

Of course, cassoulet is a world-famous dish. As well as the sausage or the capitol brick, which gave Toulouse its nickname of pink city. But Annecy, thanks to its cheeses in particular, is not to be outdone. With us, all the creamers are big names! And every French person has Entremont rapé in their fridge, a company whose cellars are located in the Vovray district.

Beyond the popular products, and taking an interest in the number of starred restaurants distributed on the territory, on its final account that Annecy is also at the same level as Toulouse: 6 macaroons each. But by making a ratio per inhabitant, it is clear that this benefits the lakeside city.

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