Football: the Italian Federation questions the anti-Semitic slogan of Lazio Rome supporters

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The Italian (Site notre blog d’information) Federation (FIGC) has opened an investigation into alleged anti-Semitic slogans proclaimed by Lazio Rome supporters traveling to Naples.

It’s not the first time that Lazio Roma supporters are points you make for their components in the stands. Last January, the north stand of the Olympic stadium in Rome, or revealing the ultras of the Roman club, was closed for a match after racist crises against Samuel Umtiti.

Last week, Lazio fans were handed a punishment for racist outbursts. This time around, an investigation has been opened by the Italian (Site notre blog d’information) Federation (FIGC) into alleged anti-Semitic slogans chanted by Lazio fans during their trip to Naples on February 3.

On social networks, a video will go viral. On this one, supporters of the Roman club boast of being racist (in the presence of the stadiums and the local police) and insult their rivals from AS Roma (another club in Rome) by claiming in particular that their parents were Deported by the Nazis to the gas chambers.