Football (National 3): winner of Lambres-lez-Douai, Compiègne does not abdicate in the race to maintain

Even if AFC Compiègne remains relegated, it has regained some ground on its competitors thanks to its success at Lambres-lez-Douai, this Sunday, March 19.

By winning in the duel of relegated, this Sunday in Lambres-lez-Douai (0-2), AFC Compiègne (AFCC) carried out a good accounting operation.

Indeed, at the same time, Lille (b), the first non-relegation player was beaten at home by Vimy (1-2). The Compiégnois (11th) therefore fall back to four lengths from Lille.  » It’s a success that confirms us aliveunderlined coach Djilalli Bekkar. It took a long time to take shape because we came across an opponent who was waiting for us. In his situation, I thought he would be more relaxed, it was not. Now, he will only have value if we improve him next Saturday against Lens (b) Then to Cross (Saturday April 1). »

After being refused a but in the first half, when  » the ball appears to have crossed the line According to Bekkar, the AFCC made the difference in the second act. Upon receiving a center from Poiret, Mendy logically opened the scoring (53rd). Despite several situations, the Compiégnois were waiting for the entry of Ooubouraaga (70th) to take shelter (85th).


BUT – Mendy (53rd), Oubouraaga (85th).

WARNINGS – Compiègne: Sankoh (10th), Mendy (25th), Houmaïd (86th).

COMPIÈGNE: Lijour, Houenou, Belaïd-Lemoyne (Traoré 83rd), Lahitte, Vasseur, Sankoh, Daoud (Vienna 60th), Chmiti (Houmaïd 70th), Mendy, Poiret (Haise 83rd), Amrane (Ooubouraaga 70th).

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