Football lover. A second victory prize for the women of FC Critourien (Ariège)

Football lover A second victory prize for the women of


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After a remarkable performance in the Parisian premises of the French (Site notre blog d’information) Federation (FFF), FC Critourien, an all-female Ariège (Site notre bureau spécialisé) club, won second place in the prestigious Sensationnelles prize launched by Intermarché. Compensation for long years of work and the benefit of the development of the female (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

When you register, it’s to win. But, even before the result, the FC criteria are available already won. Selected first among the xx applications from Occitanie, selected in the 8 national finalists out of more than 300 applications submitted, the Ariège club cannot be disappointed in this formidable second place. Moreover, Pierre Servant, president of FC Critourien, is still struggling to achieve this. “It’s a victory for us. It’s a pretty fair on the business card (laughs). It was magical. » Initiated by Intermarché, in partnership with the FFF (French (Site notre blog d’information) Federation), the Sensation Prize for the vocation of the female (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er at the highest level in crossing and call for projects. Last Tuesday, at the FFF headquarters in Paris, the representatives of the 8 finalists met to defend their files. Pierre Servant was accompanied by Karine Artuso, former president and true pilot of the club, and Magali Terrail, director of the FC Critourien (Site notre bureau spécialisé) school. Carrier of the concept “All at the club” which aims to fight against opening up (transport), to develop social support (homework help, childcare, sponsorship) and to develop training for the supervisory team, the FC Critourien made a (very) strong impression. “On a new crush on the FC criteria,” says Olivia Soudais, president of the Union des Mousquetaires and member of the jury. We were seduced by the sincerity of the speech that was offered to us. It wasn’t just ‘help us, help the female (Site notre bureau spécialisé)’. It is offered to you concretely. The energy deployed is also incredible. The three representatives of the club showed total involvement, with great values. FC criteria are committed to a long-term project. »

The delegation is then congratulated by Jean-Michel Aulas, the current president of the professional women's league.
The delegation is then congratulated by Jean-Michel Aulas, the current president of the professional women’s league.

€2,000 in vouchers

The Ariège club is not the same as the winner, Sporting Entry Molsheim Ernolsheim, undoubtedly more advanced inclusion. Her project “Révèle-toi”, dedicated to welcoming young girls with disabilities, hit the mark with a prestigious jury. Finally, the FC criteria are returned with a check for €2000 in vouchers and the donation of equipment (balloons, outfits) fair and large. Beyond the rewards, Pierre Servant welcomed above all the recognition of the work of an entire club for many years. “It was a wonderful evening. Once you met a (Site notre bureau spécialisé) at the FFF, you changed clubhouse to La Tour-du-Crieu (burst of laughter). This second prize is a great reward. What gives us the most pleasure is seeing the pride of the entire club. Many clubs from other departments welcomed this award, the Ligue Occitanie also congratulated us. » And everyone lingered to praise Karine Artuso’s performance. The one who was at the origin of the development of FC Critourien, who was its emblematic president, put on a show and won the support of the entire room. “It’s true, as she knows how to do, Karine revealed anecdotes about the club,” laughs Pierre Servant. In a word, it’s no different, even if it isn’t. It’s quite an adventure when I remember it. » A separate evening which allowed the Ariégeois to discuss with representatives of the other finalist clubs and to discuss what works and what does not work elsewhere. “We will use this prize to accelerate our development.” From now on, FC Critourien is one of the clubs that counts in France. As he left, comedian Fred Testot, a member of the jury, turned towards Karine, Karine and Magali and said: “See you soon Ariégeois. »


1st. Entente Sportive Molsheim Ernolsheim (Amiens; Somme; Hauts-de-France); 2. FC Critourien Féminin; La Tour-du-Crieu (Ariège; Occitanie); 3. Gazelec Sports Le Mans (Sarthe, Pays de la Loire), with the project of creating a mixed living space to encourage “living together” and to carry out inclusion projects.