Football – Financial fair play: Barça fined, PSG and Marseille under surveillance

UEFA lost fines to FC Barcelona and Manchester United on Friday for violating Financial Fair Play (FPF) rules, before a new system based on wage bill limits came into force.

The club financial control body, an independent structure at the be of the European organization, condemned the Catalan club to a fine of 500,000 euros for a poor presentation of its accounts: Barça included in its income, under the FPF, « profits on the sale of intangible assets » which should not be included, only the transfers of players being in this category.

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For its part, Manchester United is fined 300,000 euros for a « minor » breach of the principle of balancing the accounts imposed since 2011 on clubs involved in European competitions, in the name of the financial rehabilitation of European (Site notre bureau spécialisé), launched in a perpetual race for talent that brings about an explosion in salaries. The two clubs are not more prestigious among a salvo of formations sanctioned for the last time in the name of the “former” financier of fair play, recalls UEFA, which will allow from the 2023/24 season an accumulated deficit but now limited payroll as a proportion of income – up to 80% in 2024, 90% in 2025.

The CFCB Trial Chamber today announces a series of decisions regarding certain clubs that have been subject to the latest Financial Fair Play oversight, for the 2022/23 season.

— UEFA?? (@UEFAcom_en) July 14, 2023

The heaviest fines are revenue from Belgian club Royal Antwerp and Turkey’s Trabzonspor and could be up to €2m each – including whatever happens, and the rest depending on financial recovery goals defined for them by the European body.

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On the French side, Lille have fulfilled UEFA’s requirements since 2020 and are therefore done with the conditions that remained to them, with a restriction to 23 players registered for European competitions and the obligation to display a net positive transfer balance. . AS Monaco, Olympique de Marseille and Paris SG have also « fulfilled the objectives which had been set for them for the 2022 accounting year », and will remain under surveillance, according to the roadmaps defined for each.