Football: disappointments but great satisfaction in the district for the Thau clubs

Return to departmental meetings on the weekend of December 2 and 3.

The end-of-year holiday break is fast approaching, some clubs would like to spend it warm. There are also several disputes between them.

Like the Lapeyradois cell, it has the possibility of overcoming the opponents of the day in the ranking. The Besse-Etienne duo did the job, they came out of the danger zone.


This is not the case in Pointe-Courte, the situation is quite beautiful and complicated. From the point of view of November 1, the « Navy » is not accessible beyond the tunnel.

As for the Sète reservists, they were able to achieve a 3rd success in a row. Unfortunately, they bowed just before receiving the leader.

In D2, Sète Olympique is marking time. Defeated by a candidate for promotion, the Sétois are in trouble because of a largely reduced workforce. On the son’s side in Pool B, FC Domitia continues its mano a mano with Canet.


In D3, we will remember the confirmation of the awakening of the FC Domitia reserve in group C. With three victories in a row, the “Bleu et garnet” are making a significant rise in the rankings.

Villeveyrac, author of today’s hit, remembers the good news after having floundered during the last four days. Balaruc II keeps the lead after his social victory.

In pool B, Mireval took the lead and returned to the very tight race at the top of the rankings.

<(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er class=”txt-note”>Petit-Bard II / Sc Sète II 2-1,
O.Lapeyradois / St-Gély 2-0,
Pointe-Courte AC Sète / Gignac 1-5,
Jacou-Clapiers / Sète Ol. 4-2,
FC Domitia / Clermont. II 4-1,
Saint-André II / FC Domitia II 1-2,
O. Lapeyradois II/La Grande-Motte 2-3,
Silver Cross / Mireval 1-2,
Villeveyrac / Montagnac 7-0,
Social Sète / St Balaruc 0-2,
Saint-Pargoire / Mèze SFC II 1-1.(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er>