Football: AS Béziers moves to Haute-Garonne to regain its throne

Second in their National 3 group, behind the reserve of Toulouse FC, the ASB will have to do everything to win, this Saturday May 27 (6 p.m.), on the lawn of Union Saint Jean.

The final sprint is launched and may not have delivered all its answers yet. Neck and neck with the reserve of Toulouse FC, leader of the National 3 classification in the particular goal average, the ASB (2nd) goes, this Saturday May 27 (6 p.m.), on the lawn of the Union Saint Jean ( 13th). A capital move for the Biterrois, revived by and last success against FC Bagnols Pont, but still and always dependent on a poor performance from the Toulouse leader, opposed at the same time to the Camarguais of Aigues-Mortes (12th). An opportunity not to be missed to continue to put pressure on Téfécé, just one week from the end of the season.

The Pentecost Tournament

The weekend will also be the scene of two other important meetings for the Biterrois club. Still in the race for its maintenance in R1, the reserve will host, this Sunday, May 28 (3 p.m.), that of Canet Roussillon FC, for a huge shock of fear, while the President and Montflourès stadiums will host for 3 days more of 3000 passionate young people during the traditional Pentecost tournament.

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During the next 3 days the stadiums of La Presidente and Montfloures will welcome 3000 young (Site notre bureau spécialisé) enthusiasts. u26bd


– AS Béziers (@ASBeziers(Site notre blog d’information)) May 26, 2023