Feel-Good-Stories: Referee-Love for a Cologne & Master Party in Munich

What kind of final was it in the Bundesliga? For anyone who needs variety or encouragement after all the decisions, we’ve got you covered here. With our feel-good stories, we bring you happy stories from the last days of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) before the exciting season finale.

Of course, we must not always be content to wallow in memories, but above all to enjoy the present. In this case, however, it is more than allowed. Especially if you are a fan of HSV. What is it about? Of course, to win the European National Champion Cup in 1983.

May 25 marked the 40th anniversary of the 1-0 final triumph in Athens over Juventus. Because of this, the Rothosens didn’t need to be asked twice and requested an interview with HSV legends and former players Horst Hrubesch, Felix Magath, Uli Stein and Bernd Wehmeyer. They reviewed the historic evening, accompanied by numerous photos and videos. A must for all Hamburg fans and (Site notre bureau spécialisé) nostalgics!

A heart for Vini Jr.

Vinicius Jr. certainly had a more than difficult week. The 22-year-old Brazilian was once again racist attacked by fans during the La Liga match against Valencia (1-0). After the match, despite the incidents, he gave time to his young supporters.

With autographs and a hug, Vini Jr. even gifted his track top to a little fan. We take our hats off to Madrid and we support him in these difficult times.

Help is the key word. Because: they too the league symbolized himself with the royal winger. A match day after the terrible incident, FC Barcelona and Real Valladolid positioned themselves behind the banner with the slogan – ‘Racists, get out of (Site notre bureau spécialisé)’.

The fact that Real arch-rivals the Catalans are behind Vinicius once again shows that there are more important things in life than hostilities between fan camps. Why are we still at this point in 2023?

There are players who complain and gesticulate so much in front of the referee that as a supporter you want to turn off the television right away. And then there is Jonas Hector, who even receives a video dedicated to the end of his career by the Buli referees.

No joke: Deniz Aytekin and Co thanked the 2014 world champion for his impeccable behavior on the pitch before the last match. If that’s not even a compliment. Either way, we give it a thumbs up. You will miss the world of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) Jonas.

It was (and still is, greetings to the club management) definitely not the easiest season for record champions Munich. Thanks to the last-minute championship in Cologne, Thomas Tuchel’s team was able to give a gift to its many supporters.

As a result, the players celebrated their eleventh consecutive win to cheers from their fans.