Feel Good Stories: Love for ex-club & Casemiro grows


This week, Germany experienced a cold spell. Here are some heartwarming (Site notre bureau spécialisé) events from the past few days.

No way out of childhood love

Virtuous people are humble. They know where they come from and to whom they owe their success. Just like Ousmane Dembèlè of FC Barcelona. The 25-year-old winger has donated €100,000 to his youth club Èvreux (Site notre blog d’information) Club 27!

To the delight of the club, which was in financial difficulty after his promotion. The club’s website states: « The President of Èvreux (Site notre blog d’information) Club 27, Samuel Brigantino, and Guy Lefrand, Mayor of Evreux, would like to thank Ousmane Dembèlè for his generosity and the financial support he has given the club during this hard time. »

From 2004 to 2010, Dembèlè played for the Èvreux youth team before joining Stade Rennes and then BVB. Many people forget or repress feelings of youthful love. But Dembèlè proves that Èvreux still has a place in his heart.

Spieltach of social commitment

Arminia Bielefeld played the « social commitment game » against 1. FC Heidenheim last week. While children with disabilities were allowed to open the game as walk-in children, after the game the « Arminis » and their families picked up trash in the park around the stadium. To do this, they even climbed into the bushes and picked up all kinds of rubbish which they put away in their black, white and blue bags.

Young Armini Kasi was also there, capturing the day: « After the game, I had a fries then with some Arminis and their parents at the Armini’s Trash Collection Campaign has helped remove trash from parks. We got a lot of praise for it from other park visitors.

At this point, we also want to congratulate the little ‘Arminis’ for their commitment to the environment!

One does it, everyone does it

What are the characteristics of leaders? Probably also by proximity and a « healthy moment ». One of those moments came after Manchester United won the League Cup.

After the trophy is presented, a disabled fan stands at the top of the stairs at the bottom of the United Stars. Player after player walks past the trailer unimpressed at first. Until Casemiro arrives – and everyone follows suit.

Because the engine of the Red Devils midfielder stops and hugs the fan warmly. All other United professionals after Casemiro do the same. With this gesture, the Brazilian demonstrates what distinguishes leaders. They advance and can gather their fellows behind them. In this case, to the delight of the follower.

Honor where credit is due

For workers, midweek games can really be a curse because of the classic nine-to-five job. Some lack free time to accompany their team on trips.

That’s probably what most fans of Italian second division team South Tyrol thought. On Wednesday evening, the club was invited to Bénévent, 1,700 km away. South Tyrol accompanied us, believe it or not, ONE fan.

The existence of Damian Gruber, also known as a die-hard South Tyrolean fan, was not only honored by South Tyrolean players, but also by local Benevento fans. After the match, two players gave him their jerseys and Bénévent supporters dedicated a banner to him. Incidentally, South Tyrol won 2-0 – probably the best of all Gruber’s gifts.

Hamburg cleans up

Cleaning the sidewalks around the Hamburger Volkspark: that was the motto of Hamburger SV this week. HSV employees as well as professionals and women took part in a campaign by the city of Hamburg (« Hamburg cleans up »).

As the club announced on the website, more than 50 full bin bags were collected by the city cleaning service.