Ex-Werder and FC Bayern professional: Pizarro complains about the loss of German « closets » in the storm

Ex Werder and FC Bayern professional Pizarro complains about the loss


« Only Tiki-Taka »

Claudio Pizarro has been one of the best strikers in Europe during his career. The Peruvian, who will bid farewell to Bremen on Saturday, now misses this type of player in the Bundesliga.

According to the former goalscorer, there is a fundamental lack of classic centre-forwards in modern (Site notre bureau spécialisé), especially in Germany, where players in this position had a feared reputation in South America. « These days you value good wingers so much, but when they get the ball in the middle, sometimes there isn’t a striker in the middle who knows exactly what to do, » said the player 43 in an interview with the « Süddeutsche Zeitung ». “. As a coach, he “almost always” played with a centre-forward.

Claudio Pizarro’s dream elf

« If the opponent has two towers in defense, you can also try it with more agile attackers. But there should always be at least one centre-forward in the team, always! » Said the top scorer of the Bundesliga club Werder Bremen, who have also become cult FC Bayern, and recalled « what we thought of German strikers in South America: watch out, here we come those cupboards! They were tough, they could fight and they managed to forward. You need players like that in every team. Now you suddenly have a lot of good, fast technicians, but no more real forwards. Or are some coming back?

Moukoko, Burkhardt & Co.: Germany’s most valuable centre-forward

10 Niclas Refill Carafe | Werder Bremen | Market value: 4 million euros

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Status: September 24, 2022

10 Marvin Ducksch | Werder Bremen | Market value: 4 million euros

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9 Mergim Berisha | Augsburg (Fenerbahçe) | Market value: €4.5 million

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8 Lucas Hoeler | SC Freiburg | Market value: €6.5m

&copy imago images

7 Deniz Undav | Brighton and Hove | Market value: 8 million euros

&copy imago images

6 Youssoufa Moukoko | BVB | 15 million euros

&copy imago images

5 Jonathan Burkhardt | Mainz 05 | Market value: 17 million euros

&copy imago images

4 Luc Nmecha | VfL Wolfsburg | Market value: 18 million euros

&copy imago images

3 Kevin Volland | AS Monaco | Market value: 22 million euros

&copy imago images

2 Timo Werner | leipzig | Market value: 25 million euros

&copy imago images

1 Karim Adeyemi | BVB | Market value: 35 million euros

&copy imago images

Pizarro on the decline of the centre-forward: « Only Tiki-Taka »

This evolution is probably due to the fact that « for about ten years, many good teams only wanted to play tiki-taka », explained Pizarro. « Before, attackers were only there to score goals, although they weren’t always the best (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers. Today they are supposed to combine, press and so on. Yes it is important. But we still need real attackers.” With world (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er Robert Lewandowski (from Bayern to FC Barcelona) and Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund / Manchester City), two attackers left the Bundesliga this summer.

Pizarro is the oldest goalscorer in Bundesliga history and the most-used foreign player. He won the treble with FC Bayern in 2013. Many companions take part in his farewell match (Saturday, 5 p.m.), three teams compete. He himself currently plays ‘almost zero’ (Site notre bureau spécialisé), Pizarro said: « But I run, I do a bit of interval training and strength training, stability exercises. My body tells me: I can’t do anything. I I still have too much energy.

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