Even Bernd the bread is confusing – this is how the network reacts to the bankruptcy of the DFB

Germany lost the international match against Poland 0-1 on Friday evening. After the previously disappointing performance against Ukraine, the network reacted maliciously to the DFB team and made one or the other suggestion to replace Hansi Flick.

The German national team will not start in the 2023 calendar year. The 2-0 victory against Peru on March 25 was the only ray of hope in terms of results, followed by a 2-3 victory against the Belgium, a 3-3 victory against Ukraine and a deserved defeat against Poland. It is hardly surprising that there is talk of a series of setbacks.

After a disappointing first half in Warsaw, Germany created a few chances in the second half, but Wojciech Szczesny was unbeatable. And although there was another goal threat in the final stage, there was little spirit to be felt. Even Bernd the bread looks lost.

After the final whistle, national coach Hansi Flick stressed on the ARD microphone that the team was in a process and had to find each other first. Flick is still confident that the team will show a different level of performance from September. The former Thomas Tuchel would probably not have the hindsight at the moment and would throw remarks at Flick similar to those of his former protege Shawn Parker.

Flick has been criticized by some fans since the World Cup. The longer the drought period lasts, the more the voices doubt the national coach. But who could take on the delicate position? Two curious suggestions spontaneously floated around – Peter Neururer having to run for office simply because of his cult factor.

The DFB must not have a changing of the guard in mind. Maybe such jokes are also a way to deal with what’s been wrong with the national team since the 2018 World Cup.