Euro 2024: who is the bookmaker’s favorite? -Soccer

Who will succeed in Italy, who wants to finish the edition in 2021? Euro 2024 will be held at Germany-Scotland (9 p.m.). A few hours before the start of the competition, it’s the opportunity to see who the big favorites are among the bookmakers!

For our part at Winamax Sports Paris, England (cost 4.50) and France (cost 5.00) are two of the big favorites in the competition. ! Germany only comes in 3rd position (rating of 6.00) according to Spain and Portugal (rating of 8.00 each).

The others came far behind, for example Italy is 17! For example, you will have a brilliant idea from the source of the coast for a victory in Croatia, the age of 40… and the age of Georgia is 750 years! To see the Winamax odds of all participants in the competition, click here…

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So make the right choice and thrill during the matches!

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