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30/12VIDEO: Pel, Vinicius and Rodrygo’s motion 30/12Esp. : Benzema frees Real! 30/12L2: the complete class 30/12L2: the results of the evening 30/12Eng. : Port of Liverpool by… Faes! 30/12Arsenal: Saliba extends, Arteta wants more 30/12Al-Nassr: Ronaldo a sign! (official) 30/12VIDEO: the improbable double on CSC de Faes! 30/12Liverpool: Pel, the magnificent reminder of Klopp 30/12Qatar: the vir coach (official) 30/12L2: Charbonnier saves the Greens! 30/12EdF: Deschamps, the little sentence of Le Grat 30/12Al-Nassr: one confirmed for Ronaldo! 30/12Bara: Lewandowski, Espanyol cries foul 30/12Al-Nassr: Ronaldo, is it a sign? 30/12EdF: Deschamps is negotiating his extension! 30/12L2: Bordeaux returns to Sochaux! 30/12Antwerp: Overmars victim of a heart attack 30/12OM: Cardoze explains his difference 30/12Brazil: Guardiola has a thought for Pel 30/12Lyon: White protects Cherki 30/12PSG: first contract by Housni (official) 30/12Bara: Lewandowski authorized for the derby! 30/12PSG: Campos, future priority for Juve? 30/12Rennes: Abline against Auxerre 30/12Juve: Rabiot, appointment is made 30/12PSG: Galtier’s message for awakening 30/12Brighton: the nice gesture for Mwepu 30/12Lyon: Pel, Blanc in a talk in the locker room 30/12Aston Villa: Martinez, the development of Emery 30/12PSG: Galtier is not expecting a recruit! 30/12Lyon: Cheyrou, the denial of Blanc 30/12Brussels: Beckenbauer Pel’s farewell 30/12OM: Pel, the gesture that marked Payet 30/12EdF: decision on January 7 for Deschamps? 30/12PSG: Neymar before and match 30/12Monaco: Nbel approaches Bayern 30/12PSG: when Pel could have signed 30/12Liverpool: Gakpo, Klopp loves discretion 30/12Chelsea: Enzo Fernandez has already said yes 30/12Brussels: Pel, assisting the words of his 30/12OM: Tudor satisfied with the content 30/12OM: Payet is waiting for a striker 30/12Lorient: Le Bris sounds the alarm 30/12Brussels: Romario Pel’s tribute 30/12Brussels: Pel, memories of Favre 30/12Brazil: Pel, three days of national mourning 30/12Brussels: Pel, Platini’s emotion 30/12Santos: Pel’s coffin at the stadium 30/12Nice: the lucid observation of Favre 30/12Nice: Dante and his meeting with Pel 30/12Brazil: Pel, the vibrant tribute to Ronaldo 30/12TFC: OM, the regret of Montanier 30/12Lens: Haise explains what was missing 30/12VIDEO: Pel, the beautiful tribute of the Vélodrome 12/29Newcastle: Jorginho and Tielemans targeted 12/29Glass: Samba launches the clash against PSG 12/29OM: Payet savors the start of a series 12/29OM: the Phocens delighted Twitter! 12/29Esp. : Griezmann and Atlético all in control 12/29PHOTO: Pay in Pre Christmas mode! 12/29TFC: Van den Boomen congratulates OM 12/29OM: still scorer, jubilee of Kolasinac 12/29L1: the complete class 12/29L1: Marseille 6-1 Toulouse (final) 12/29L1: Nice 0-0 Lens (finished) 12/29Brussels: Hland and the pioneer Pel 12/29Brazil: Pel, the Brazilian president speaks 12/29CdM: Pel’s various records 12/29Brussels: Deschamps at rv d’tre Pel 12/29Brussels: Pel, tributes from Messi and CR7 12/29PHOTO: One of the team for Pel 12/29Brussels: Neymar’s strong words for Pel 12/29Real: Ancelotti does not think about the transfer window 12/29L1: Reims 3-1 Rennes (final) 12/29Brussels: the world of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) pays tribute to Pel 12/29Benfica: Fernandez, the clause or nothing 12/29Brussels: Pel is dead (official) 12/29L1: Nice-Lens, line-ups 12/29L1: Marseille-Toulouse, line-ups 12/29Bara: Sergi Roberto lent everything to stay 12/29Montpellier: Wahi in a very closed circle 12/29L1: Lorient 0-2 Montpellier (final) 12/29PSG: Messi, the best? Ancelotti responds 12/29Montpellier: Souquet will leave 12/29L1: Reims-Rennes, line-ups 12/29Arsenal: Cédric on three tracks 12/29Liverpool: Van Dijk a convinced Gakpo 12/29Chelsea: Kant sent extra time! 12/29EdF: Payet ence Deschamps 12/29Lyon: Newcastle is also tracking Gusto 12/29Monaco: Lille melts on Akliouche, but … 12/29Strasbourg: Ajorque frustration after Paris, but… 12/29L1: Lorient-Montpellier, line-ups 12/29Arsenal: Mudryk, the DG of Shakhtar clear 12/29Real: Brazil, Ancelotti still very clear 12/29VIDEO: Skiing, Pogba mocks criticism 12/29Atlético: Arsenal are active for Joao Flix 12/29EdF: Benzema, Ancelotti dodge controversy 12/29PSG: Neymar, express exams by the LFP 12/29Lyon: Sanchez Da Silva will go on loan 12/29MF survey: DD, the best for 10 years! 12/29Man City: Phillips, Guardiola are ironic 12/29Juve: the demands of the Rabiot clan 12/29PSG: Bitshiabu seduces Galtier 12/29OM: Tudor assists three recruits 12/29Man Utd: Gakpo, Ten Hag frustrated… 12/29Monaco: Ben Seghir, first since Henry 12/29PSG: Al-Nassr also dreams of Ramos 12/29Argentina: Rami, Di Maria’s wife gets involved 12/29Chelsea: Andrey Santos is also coming 12/29Man City: Hland frustrated by his rats… 12/29PSG: the song of the fans, Mbappé appreciated 12/29Lyon: White protected Tolisso 12/29Man City: Hland, Guardiola assist even more 12/29PSG: Walter Casagrande knocks out Neymar! 12/29Milan: as confirmed by Giroud 12/29Real: Endrick justifies his choice 12/29OM: and apart from Guendouzi’s surprise? 12/29Argentina: Mbappé to speak with Messi