England, the Thirty seconds that helped France

Three days after their elimination against France in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup, England continue to seek explanations for their defeat. A story of loneliness has just surfaced.

It was the shock of the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup. The meeting between England and France did not disappoint in terms of tension and suspense. final Beaten by the Blues (1-2) after missing the equalizing penalty in the 84th minute, Lily Three Lions are still looking for explanations for their departure from the road. The moment when Harry Kane had to hit this famous second penalty has been analyzed. And the management of the seconds that led to the duel between the English striker and Hugo Lloris is called into question.

The English media want to understand what happened, they who saw their proteges bring down the title holder tricolor. Suddenly, all tracks are analyzed, sometimes even the most unexpected. This Tuesday, the daily mail therefore refers to the words of a professor of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) psychology. According to Geir Jordet, a professor at the Norwegian School of Sports Science, says you have no problem with the English penalty. The latter thus explained that Harry Kane had found himself alone and left to himself for thirty long seconds.

Too little support

While Jordan Henderson was at his side and protected him from any interaction with the French opponents, no one was there for the second. Henderson had been substituted and no teammate took his role. Or at least way too late. You suddenly, Kane found himself in the middle of the tricolor player. Not easy for him to fit in, according to the professor. The latter then clarified that once the penalty missed, only Jude Bellingham came to comfort his teammate. Striking contrast with a Hugo Lloris at the same time surrounded and congratulated by a large part of the Blues.

Geir Jordet concludes that there is a demonstration:  » After the final whistle, all England players showed their support for their captain. ONLY ONE stayed close to him: Jordan Henderson. Without doing anything and without saying anything, just there. Clearly transformed. Being a teammate means being there for those who need you most. It is therefore a lack of cohesion that seems to be pointed out here. True or not, this is surely not the only reason for English failure.