Due to an article on the conflict in the Middle East: Mainz releases a new signatory, El Ghazi

Mainz 05 released offensive player Anwar El Ghazi. The club announced this in a statement via Twitter/X this evening.

The exemption follows a social media post about the Middle East conflict shared by El Ghazi.

In the post in question, since deleted, El Ghazi « took a position on the conflict in the Middle East in a way that was intolerable for the club », according to the club’s statement.

El Ghazi’s message said in part: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. » This means an expansion of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, which to a certain extent deprives the State of Israel of the right to exist.

El Ghazi, whose release was preceded by an in-depth discussion between the player and the management, arrived in Mainz a few weeks ago on a free transfer as a professional without a contract.