Deschamps, the great publicity of Le Graët

Eager to see Didier Deschamps continue the adventure at the head of the France team, Noël Le Graët wants to be confident when the two men are to meet next week.

Unlike the players of the France team or their coach, Noël Le Graët did not appear devastated on Sunday after the defeat of the Blues on penalties. The president of the French Federation held a resolutely optimistic speech. “It’s still a victory for French (Site notre bureau spécialisé). We are sad at the time, but we will realize that France performed well, no one expected it at this level at the start of the competition. he so designated.

Delighted with the course of the Blues, Noël Le Graët now hopes to see Didier Deschamps continue the adventure at the head of the France team. At the end of the contract at the end of the month, the former midfielder maintains the vagueness on his intentions but a meeting between the two men must be held next week to decide on the future. “He has the cards in hand for an extension, because I told him that from the moment we were in the last four of the World Cup, the decision was his. We will see each other in Guingamp”, addressed the boss of the FFF in an interview with Ouest France.

I think we’ll agree

And trust is essential according to Noël Le Graët. « Didier did his job well, he has priority, and I think we will agree », he added, convinced that the negotiations will go quickly. “I have to speak of course to certain members of the Comex, but in my opinion on going to settle this at Guingamp. If he doesn’t want to stay, it will be very short. If he wants to stay, there will be somewhat longer discussions. If we can wrap it up before the end of the year, if possible…”, he said again.

A point of fulfillment could nevertheless appear concerning the duration of the contract. While L’Equipe said at the start of the week that Didier Deschamps would keep a current contract until 2024, Noël Le Graët does not seem to want to hear about it. “And why not 2030? We are already going to spend some time together to talk a bit about what happened in Qatar and its desires, how we are already considering the European Championship 2024 ”, he explained, specifying that 2024 would mark the end of his story at the head of the FFF.