Deschamps names a French team worth 1.21 billion: the surprising return of Kanté

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I think this team is overrated.

Of course, we don’t need to talk about Mbappé. Griezmann, Tchouameni, Saliba and Hernandez are also among the best in their positions. Maybe Camavinga and soon of course the top talent Zaire-Emery.

But the rest? All good players, but not great players.

Some examples…

Konaté: Great facilities, but still not a permanent starter, even if Matip is absent all season. Do not proceed to the next step.

Upamecano: see Konaté, very similar story. Too many mistakes when it counts.

Mendy: is considered the “weakest” link at Real and should therefore be replaced.

Kanté: Bringing a 33-year-old out of early retirement in Saudi Arabia almost seems a little desperate.

Rabiot: strange, every time I see him play, I don’t notice it. It was probably brought up too early a few years ago.

Dembelé: a brutal dynamic, but very one-dimensional. Often makes the wrong decision in front of goal.

Giroud: is he still there?


Yes, France is the favorite, but it certainly does not have a lead.