Champions League: final in the USA? UEFA boss Ceferin: ‘It’s possible’

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If the CL final takes place on Saturday at 9:00 p.m. European time at the latest, I don’t care if it’s in Porto, Astana or New York. Sure, the flight time from Germany to the US is longer than from Istanbul, but does that really make a big difference? (Maybe I just have a distorted picture because I commute between Germany and the US every few weeks)

As the last game of the season, the teams involved have no disadvantage in domestic competitions due to travel stress or the like.

If a team were to play in Los Angeles on Tuesday for the CL group game and then again in the Bundesliga on Saturday, I would find it difficult. Even if the problem of the 9 hour jet lag would be largely ruled out because the schedule for the short journey is kept as in the home time zone.

There are things against it.

1. Is a European competition
2. CO2 emissions
3. « Real supporters/fans are largely left behind due to higher travel costs and back to point 2 additional unnecessary CO2 pollution

So will the Super Bowl take place in Paris in the future?

And yes, it makes a difference whether you sit on the plane for 4 hours or 9 hours, at least for those who don’t have the option of being comfortably pampered in business class or first class.

This year, the CL final takes place in Istanbul (stadium on the border between Europe and Asia) and the EL final took place recently in Baku, a country which is also not in Europe. So geographical location alone cannot be a criterion, otherwise we would only have clubs in the European Cup that are located in Europe.

If it was about CO2 emissions, all finals would have to take place somewhere in the center of Europe or they would be limited to national competitions. And in the Bundesliga, you are only allowed to travel by train.

If you use the Super Bowl as an example, the NFL already plays games in Europe, for example 2 this year in Germany. Quite a few fans in Germany are delighted with it.

Getting to the Champions League final is quite expensive anyway, so a few hundred euros more for a slightly longer flight no longer makes any difference. Apart from that, the proportion of tickets going on sale is not so spectacular anyway.