Bundesliga: FC Bayern gives VfB Stuttgart no chance despite emergency team

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Pavlovic is now better than Kimmich ever was on 6.

*as. Furthermore: Completely different types of players, Kimmich has already shown how incredibly valuable he is for FC Bayern. I’m glad we have Pavlovic, but he needs to be consistent, so he’s a real option at 6th.

Your message is of course completely absurd, give it a 6.

The message is a bit exaggerated but not absurd. Since Kimmich plays for FCB and DFB in ZM, we can’t compete with the best. Today we finally had peace in the game, not stupid peace. Ball losses, no pirouettes which delay the game and above all ORDER.
I hope we drop Kimmich and Gore this summer and have two good team players who don’t have air and occupy the tactical position in the match. Zubimendi would be great, for example.

Absolute nonsense. The 2018 World Cup had Khedira and Kroos in midfield and Kimmich was RV. In Tripwl under Fink, he was in the MF. I hope I don’t have to explain how the stories ended. This bashing of Kimlich is becoming ridiculous. Pavlovic played well today, but he still needs to show if he can repeat that performance in a CL match.

What you wrote is not true. Pavard was injured early in RR and from then on Kimmich played at RV. Look at the lineup against Barça, Lyon and PSG – Thiago and Gore ZM and Kimmich RV.
And what does the 18 World Cup have to do with my statement? Have you shown better performances after 18 years with Kimmich in ZM?
Everyone has their own opinion, unlike you, I confirm mine with facts. For me, Jo is not a world-class player

But you don’t support your opinion with facts. Especially in NM, no matter who played in the ZM, the team always performed equally poorly. It’s interesting how much blame Kimmich gets… The criticism is justified but the amount and type is completely wrong.

If someone claims that Bayern won CL 6 with Kimmich and replies that it is not true because Kimmich played against RV in the final tournament, this is completely supported by facts. Anyone can use Google and see what the lineup was in the LDC final against PSG and who was playing under number 6.

And in the end, you still don’t support your opinion with facts and just blame the other user for it. I pointed this out to you.

The opinion is supported by facts.
The fact is that Bayern won the CL with Kimmich as RV.
The fact is that Bayern never won the CL with Kimmich at number 6.

If you don’t trust the lineup that we find everywhere, just watch the final against PSG on YouTube. Thiago and Goretzka in 6, Kimmich in RV. Why we even need to discuss something like this is a mystery to me.

I am concerned about your other statements!

« Since Kimmich plays at ZM for the FCB and the DFB, we can’t compete with the best. Today we finally had calm in the game, no nonsense. Losses of the ball, no pirouettes that delay the match and, above all, ORDER.”

These are all qualitative assessments that are not supported by facts. Kimmich is a very good CM. Besides, statistics also say that… You just need a suitable partner.
However, it is not a good motorhome. He lacks important physical attributes, like speed.

Kimmich is just not a 6, but an 8, he just thinks too offensively and you can’t afford that with a 6. I think with a true 6 behind the ZM with Kimmich on the 8 would work much better. A lot of people forget that Kimmich usually plays with Gore and he has 0.0 playmaking skills and we need that at the 8, which is why Kimmich usually « has » to take on those duties.
Today, for example, Rapha ensured ZM stability with 70% of duels won, while Pavlovic was celebrated with his 40%. That’s why you should leave the village church and see how the boy develops, but the good thing is that he knows where his position is, which Kimmich simply cannot do there.
Kimmich is definitely a good motorhome, it’s not about speed, but timing and overview. Davies, for example, is very fast, but to me he is just a mediocre AV who overperformed under Flick in the CL season, or was excited about the team’s success, and was basically mediocre thereafter.

Have all the usual table phrases been removed now?

First position of the Kimmich motorhome…. Is this a good campervan? Maybe, but the last time he played the position really well was in 2019… over 5 years ago… in the meantime, a lot has happened in the (Site notre bureau spécialisé), FS have all become noticeably faster and more athletic… (Site notre blog d’information) is tactically different, etc.

What we do know is that Kimmich can be world class in ZM, something he has already demonstrated over the last 5 years. Now you need to analyze why this isn’t the case consistently…is it Kimmich’s fault, the tactical focus in general, or the fact that the people next to you just turn their heads away when he’s around …or that Kimmich can no longer do what you see in him…

Since the total crash in Frankfurt, we have seen two matches where the opponent had no chance. With two completely different tactical instructions and compositions… Man Utd completely dominated the (Site notre bureau spécialisé) for 90 minutes. Stuttgart, on the other hand, were clearly overwhelmed tactically as Bayern simply denied possession of the ball.

Personally, I think Bayern did a good job today and Tuesday as a team… And that’s exactly where the dog has been buried for years, we don’t do it enough… when the team wants it, it’s always good, they just don’t always want it, because you usually just need to do less. Less running for help, more individual performances at the forefront, etc. There is a greater willingness to run and a constant willingness to help and think with all the players and you can see the desired higher (Site notre bureau spécialisé)…

In my opinion, because of Matthäus, Basler and Hamann, there is a tendency to always blame individual players. Because it’s simpler… If Tuchel said that Davies has had a significant fitness problem for 2 and a half years, the experts + moderators and commentators would focus on him in every match… Which is strangely missing… For what ? Because our experts tend to focus and pervert what the trainer says…

See Sane… See Goretzka… See Neuer… See Upamecano…