Benzema maintains a sort of silence and talks about the end of his career

During the past two years, Karim Benzema imposed silence on himself to reflect on the situation in Arabia and the end of his career.

Having left for exile in Saudi Arabia at the start of last summer, after four seasons spent at Real Madrid, Karim Benzema is going through a complicated period. Sidelined by his club Al-Ittihad after skipping the resumption of training at the beginning of January, the Ballon d’Or was even announced as leaving during the winter transfer window. Finally remaining in Jeddah, the French striker returned to his situation within the wealthy oil country during an interview granted to GQ.

“This Saudi Arabia is a new challenge, which I like, a long-term project and in a Muslim country. I am now a (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er in Saudi Arabia, I am also an ambassador. I am here to bring in great European players soon, even if there are already great ones in the Saudi championship. Our challenge is a player at the same level as the European Leagues”thus declared the Nueve.

“This is how I chose when my career would end or not”

Benzema has a bathroom design for the future: “Time will tell (what happens next), but I will be the one to choose when my career ends or not… Ultimately, I would like to be remembered as someone who started at the bottom and gravitated to the top alone, and despite all the obstacles I encountered. It’s something that makes me really proud. »

As a reminder, Karim Benzema has signed a three-year Al-Ittihad contract, until June 2026. At the end of this contract, KB9 will be 38 years old (almost 39) and could decide to hang up his boots. A moment ago, I decided to prolong the pleasure. It is he who will choose, as he assured him.