Because of Güler: Turkish coach Montella criticized

Because of Guler Turkish coach Montella criticized


Noise about Güler

Because of Güler: Turkish coach Montella criticized


The starting position of the Turkish national team to reach the round of 16 of the European Championship is actually comfortable. However, the debate over coach Vincenzo Montella is causing widespread disruption ahead of Wednesday’s decisive Group F match against the Czech Republic (9:00 p.m./ARD and MagentaTV) in Hamburg. The Italian is under massive attack in the Turkish media because he left out young star and media favorite Arda Güler from the starting XI in the 3-0 defeat against Portugal.

The criticism became so severe that even the president of the Turkish (Site notre blog d’information) Federation (TFF) got involved. Mehmet Büyükekşi supported 50-year-old Montella. “We have total confidence in our coach and our team,” he stressed. Topics such as training, fitness and playing tactics would be determined by the coaching staff. Cooperation between coaches and players is harmonious. The national team must not be exploited for personal gain. “All national players are valuable,” Büyükekşi continued.

Bullying allegation against Montella is a ‘malicious campaign’

Montella was even suspected of having sinister intentions against Güler, 19, who is the team’s second most valuable player with a market value of 30 million euros. A video of training before the Portugal match was cited as evidence. We see how Güler wants to put on a jersey, Montella takes it from his hands and gives it to another player. Many users saw this as harassment against Güler.

In fact, the Real Madrid professional is expected to train individually due to groin problems. The Turkish (Site notre bureau spécialisé) boss spoke of a “malicious and dirty campaign” carried out on social media in relation to the accusation of bullying against the coach.

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Montella is unlikely to miss the hope again from the start against the Czechs. Especially since Güler was apparently able to participate in the training sessions preceding Wednesday’s match without any problem. His participation would boost the Turks’ confidence in their ability to build on their success at the 2008 European Championship. At that time, they had only failed in the semi-finals against Germany at the tournament in Switzerland and in Austria. In the decisive group match, Turkey managed to beat the Czech Republic 3-2 and advance to the round of 16.

A draw against the Czech Republic is enough for Turkey to qualify for the round of 16 of the European Championship.

“We can now repeat the historic EURO 2008 victory,” said defender Kaan Ayhan. “I hope we can achieve the same success, or even more, than the national team of the time. Here in Germany, in front of such great fans, we want to follow the same path.

After the 3-1 victory against Georgia at the start and the defeat against Portugal with three points, a draw is enough for the Gelsenkirchen native and his teammates to advance. The opponent, the Czech Republic, has only one point. Only one victory counts.