Barça: Facing Espanyol, Pedri was afraid

FC Barcelona validated their title of Spanish champion last Sunday by winning on the ground of Espanyol (2-4).

The celebrations on the lawn of the Catalan rival were cut short, aborted by an invasion of the field by opposing supporters eager to do battle. Pedri recounts the scene, obviously shaken by this outcome.

«  We celebrate. We didn’t do it to disrespect anyone. We do the rounds that have been done during all the celebrations. And I heard: ‘Run, run’. And I ran faster than during the game “, he breathes in an interview with the Spanish channel Movistar +.

«  There was fear because the tunnel was narrow and everyone was slipping. With the exception of Carles Naval, our delegate, who continued to walk as if nothing had happened, we all ran “, he continues.

As for the festivities that followed, the young Blaugrana prodigy does not prefer to dwell on the subject: “ The party was fun. I can’t give you too many details because we’re having fun. Karaoke yes, but I don’t sing. Better not to do it for other people’s ears. A few people were standing on the table but there was no streaptease… »