Amateur football: the great return of the derby between the voices of FC Deux Rives 82 and Montauban

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The two neighbors finally meet again! Almost ten years since the Golféchois and the Montalbanais had not faced each other in the championship. For an opposition which does not lack spice this Saturday evening, between locals who have asserted themselves at this level for many years, and visitors who arrive as promoted.

At your own pace… That of the derbies between the two spearheads of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) in the department. For almost six years, Golféchois and Montalbanais have observed each other from afar. It’s not like you have to cross every road. There is this opposition, the last date, in the Coupe du Midi, last season, but there is a match which is confirmed in the history of the two clubs, the dispute was mentioned in the second half of the MFC-TG continued A formidable adventure in the Coupe de France, of the Méfécistes who had fielded the reserve team that evening. No, in the championship it’s been ages since the two neighbors last met. According to our estimates, it was during the 2014/2015 season, a season of sad memory for the residents of Verbeke since it was that of the descent to the Regional Honored Division (DHR). Since then, the Montalbanais have eaten their black bread, to finally be rewarded for their efforts with this accession. (Site notre blog d’information) no longer has the same name, at the second level of Regional 1, and at the second level of FC Deux Rives 82. You can import the bottle, a derby will always be a derby, whatever the two coaches may say about it, logically ( read below). It is therefore at the Paul-Lafont stadium that (Site notre bureau spécialisé) enthusiasts should find the great atmosphere of the derbies, for a first round which promises a lot. Obviously, it will be the Deux Rives who will start as favorites, at home, they who remain on a most frustrating elimination in the Coupe de France, but who also remain on a victory, and a defeat in the championship. Opposite, the Méfécistes continue their adventure in the Coupe de France, but also on two points sharing in the championship.

Alban Pothet (FC Deux Rives 82 instructor): “The truth of the green rectangle”

Are you satisfied with your team’s first season?

The most common alternative. A blow on the result, a blow on the content. I remain confident, the group will gain strength, and succeed in putting on a benchmark match. On all the serenity of a boss, and on all his ability to answer questions. We are not going to change our philosophy which has made us strong.

A quick word on the French Cup match in Blagnac, which was visibly frustrating?

I’m proud of the players, and of what they produced, against a very good team playing one level above. It’s a shame that the refereeing trio was not up to the task. This is the first time in 6 years that I have complained about the refereeing, but there were too many situations not called which could have changed the course of the match. This serves to deter that frustration and positivity. The only thing that saddens me, after digesting this defeat, is the loss of our captain Ahmed Zoglami in the battle.

Facing the promoted Montalbanais, at home, Golfech is the favorite. An advantage ?

For the regional fact 1 for more than 10 years, and the consistency of the rankings, to demonstrate that we have value in terms of quality, and also to show the stability, and the seriousness of the club, with Directors who carry out a task, and a flawless investment. Favorites, yes; Now it will have to be dismantled in the field. The truth is the green rectangle.

Does this mean that the derby is “also” a match?

We are not fixated on this match, even if it is always pleasant to play this type of match with, I think, the public who will be there. My children are always ready, that’s for sure, and determined.

Sources and strengths and capabilities of the MFC-TG?

I don’t know anything about this Montauban team from a collective point of view. Above all, I know his individuals, many of whom have played with us, this team has quality, that’s for sure. They are good players and very good guys. It’s always a pleasure to see them again, because we had some great times together.

A quick word about Thomas Bardet, for whom this match is a bit special?

Thom, Toto or Bardos as he is nicknamed here, an emblematic child of FC Deux Rives 82. A great player, and extraordinary loyalty. A guy you can computer on, and lean on. If you have the choice of sign in Montauban, you will not have access to the other choice, and you will accept everything from the family that you remember nothing of Patience during these many seasons. I sincerely wish him the best for this season, he deserves it.
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Chaib Ouali (Montauban instructor): “The day of the hard shot”

How do you judge the team’s start to the season in the league, with two draws, including the second, frustrating, against Also?

We are starting a new championship which requires more demands, and above all a championship where all the details count. Against Saint-Alban we had the opportunities to win, and against Auch, we were denied a goal which was, for me, valid. The start of the season appears in such a large time frame that you will always be able to find a good combination to perform throughout the weekends. This is not the beginning.

You are playing the Coupe de France with the weakest team. Would you have preferred bigger oppositions to prepare the team even more?

In the Coupe de France, there is also an easy match, it is even harder to play teams from higher than from higher level. With the champion, these two competitions are different or the preparation is not the same. As a “big” team for the next tour with the reception in Canet-en-Roussillon (National 3).

Promoted, outside, the MFC is not favored by the forecast in Golfech. An advantage ?

We are all playing against a team that has experienced regional level 1. The champion is very consistent and the world can be fought anywhere in the world. We are nevertheless going to Golfech to play our card to the fullest, and it is up to us to make the “bookmakers” lie (laughing).

Does this mean that the derby is “also” a match?

It’s also a match of champions, yes. A match between us and the three points ahead of us and our pensioners in the derby. We are not creating a myth around this confrontation. These clubs are respectful of their affront, very simple.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Two Shores?

This two Rives team has tremendous talent and experience at a high level, which is a benefit for everyone.

A quick word about Thomas Bardet, for whom this match is special. Is the final result consistent?

Thomas Bardet is in Montalbanais, he is happy enough to come back “home”. The motivation is to help you make the team possible. He will be in the squad for this match.
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