according to Tudor, Ligue 1 is more difficult than Serie A

Payet, Guendouzi, Sanchez, his vision of (Site notre bureau spécialisé), his view of OM… Igor Tudor did not stop at any subject in a long interview with the newspaper l’crew this Wednesday morning. Among all the topics mentioned, the Croatian technician was asked about the French championship. And when asked if Ligue 1 is more difficult than Serie A, the Marseille coach was not stingy with compliments.

In comparison with the Italian championship, Tudor, a former Juventus player then former Udinese or Hellas Verona coach, gave his opinion on the level in Ligue 1: « Here, there is PSG, which in Italy has no no equivalent, because today they are above Inter or Juve. Then, you have three or four teams which, in terms of squad, may have more quality in Italy, compare to their French equivalents. But from sixth place to last, it’s stronger here. If tomorrow there is Empoli-Strasbourg, Strasbourg wins by a large margin; Reims against La Spezia, Reims wins by a large margin. When you go to play in Reims, you see three or four players that you would like to take with you, even chosen in Strasbourg. Whereas if I am Inter and I play Empoli or La Spezia, I do not take anyone. There is a gap only in France you don’t worry. »

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“In France there is a lot more rhythm”

At the head of the Marseille team since last summer, Igor Tudor has had time to analyze the French championship: “The other fundamental difference is that in France there is a lot more rhythm, continues – he. Because the typology of the players is different, here they are younger and more physical. In Italy, the intensity is not there. The English, they buy players from Lorient, not players in Italy, that means that here there are players who have the qualities to fit into the best (Site notre bureau spécialisé). »