33 years after his coronation with Maradona, Naples very close to winning the Italian championship

33 years after his coronation with Maradona Naples very close


Naples could postpone Serie A in Italy on Sunday afternoon, six days before the end of the championship. If Lazio does not win on Sunday April 30 in Milan, and the Neapolitans win at home, their club will be crowned. A whole city is waiting to celebrate this moment.

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Naples in the colors of its (Site notre bureau spécialisé) club awaits a new coronation.  photo price on March 24, 2023. (ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP)

It will be a first for the Neapolitans, 33 years after their last coronation under the Maradona era. But in Naples the party started a long time ago. Sur already toast to victory. It has been a long time since the Scudetto (the Italian championship) has been won at least in hearts. Giuseppe, 55, was there in 1987. He remembers: « When we won our first championship with Maradona, this atmosphere that you see today – totally blue Naples – it was like that too, four or five weeks before… Today, with all our points, we even tendency to hold back! »

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Shirts with 3 crests, while Napoli still only have two, have been on sale for weeks. No superstition: the « hand of God » is always there, according to Francesco. « It’s been 33 years, it’s the age of Christ and it will bring us luck. 33 and 3rd championship. And I was born on the 3rd! Forza Napoli! We have a big heart and we express it in (Site notre bureau spécialisé). » At his side stands Lorenzo, not a Neapolitan but a supporter of the club. « I’ve been here before Diego left and it was already fascinatingtell the supporter. But today it’s even more so. »

« It’s amazing, magical. All the fans in the world should come here, meditate and watch what happens. »

Lorenzo, Napoli fan

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In Naples, supporters are impatiently witnessing the coronation of their club, 33 years after that with Maradona.  (BRUCE DE GALZAIN / RADIOFRANCE)

For the mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, this victory is a revenge on the North but not only at the level of (Site notre bureau spécialisé): « It’s a revenge that has a different flavor. Napoli are a very good team which is also very well managed, with good management and good accounts and even the best record in Italy. So it’s not just a revenge of the city, it’s a revenge that shows that the South and Naples can do things very well thanks to talent, creativity and good governance… We can do better than the North! »

Like their mayor, the Neapolitans are already tens of thousands celebrating the victory.

Report: Naples very close to the title, 33 years after the coronation with Maradona