Breakfast news: Rib矇ry as Bayern coach? We worry about mega talents

One more day and the week is over again. To celebrate Vice Friday, we have some breakfast news for you. Very hot and greasy.

We worry about mega-talent Uzun

Nuremberg Can Ouzun not only makes a splash on the pitch. In recent weeks, speculation has grown over which national team the German-Turkish side would choose. After recently from several sources was reportedThe 18-year-old has denied wanting to play for Turkey. Ouzun this message now itself.

According to the striker, no decision has yet been made regarding his career with the national team. To finally put an end to the uncertainties, the offensive talent will announce a decision next week. The DFB had obviously already tried to recover the player from Nuremberg. Not surprising. The teenager is probably on his way to the Bundesliga and is currently not scoring enough in the second division (eleven goals in 20 games this season).

Former Frankfurter considers return

Of course, that thought comes up sometimes. The ambition is there to succeed again, Martin Hinteregger recently explained to the Heute news portal. Does anyone want to return to professional (Site notre bureau sp矇cialis矇)?


It looks like that. The 31-year-old Bundesliga player for Frankfurt, Gladbach and Augsburg is apparently seriously considering a return. As usual, Hinti has the confidence to reach the Bundesliga with a little training: I am in good shape and have the potential for the Austrian Bundesliga. If I really trained professionally for two or three months, that would also be enough for the German championship. 罈We are excited.

Will Rib矇ry return to Munich?

No kidding. According to information from kicker, Frank Rib矇ry is on the verge of returning to FC Bayern Munich. Unfortunately, the former Bayern club icon, who won the Champions League with Bayern in 2013, has no plans to return as a player.

The Frenchman would like to take up a coaching position on the Bayern campus, reports kicker. He has already completed a corresponding coaching course and currently works as a technical coach at US Salernitana. The Frenchman could literally start small and take over Munichs U13 team. Practical: His son is currently playing there too. Does the forty-year-old coach as well as he played? One thing is certain, he will also be available for some fun on the sidelines.

Video of the day

What a dominant performance from Inter. The Nerazzurri beat Atlanta Bergamo 4-0 in the Serie A showpiece match. You have to pay some attention to the highlights.

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This is happening today

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