🚨 After crazy continuous fire at Chelsea: BVB now threatened with extension

Thanks to the 1-0 first leg win, a draw would be enough for BVB to reach the quarter-finals tonight, but from now on they need a goal.

At half-time it was 1-0 for the Londoners thanks to a goal from Raheem Sterling, although it had long seemed like BVB had supernatural powers on their side tonight.

With a hundred percent chance Havertz ten yards out, the post saved after a good half hour.

Chelsea fans, who thought there was a curse as a result, initially appeared to be correct. A few minutes later, Havertz made the supposed 1-0 with an incredible kick under the batten, but was disallowed the goal due to a narrow offside position.

It wasn’t until shortly before the break that the Blues broke, who kept Dortmund’s goal under constant fire. In order to avoid the extension, BVB must now make one themselves.