📸 Showers of disgust and prison atmosphere: the craziest referee booths in Germany

Be careful, not for the faint of heart! These images at least make you shake your head, sometimes even a cold shiver runs down your spine. What some amateur referees have to endure in the locker rooms of popular clubs is really difficult to express in words. You definitely don’t want to trade.

Gerd Lamatsch is a passionate referee who has officiated over 1,850 matches during his career. He also had contact with paid (Site notre bureau spécialisé) until the 2nd Bundesliga. On his Instagram profile “referee booths”, he presents positive, but mostly negative, examples of real German referee booths, some of which are sent to him by his subscribers. Here are the worst photos compiled for you. The categories could be summarized as « prison atmosphere », « trash room », « disgusting shower » and « horror cabin ».

Prison atmosphere: This cabin atmosphere is likely to give most referees a feeling of escapism.

Clearance: Um, where exactly are you supposed to change here? Well, standing room is in anyway.

Shower of disgust: Even flip flops don’t help. So it’s better to shower at home.

Horror cabins: These “huts” don’t even deserve their name.


Then it’s better to change at home or be creative and just do it in the car, like this referee.


We hope something like this hasn’t happened to the amateur referees among you.