🎥 Forgotten Monster Gates: Just Dimi the Light

« Just give me the light and pass the dro! » Drink another bokkle to Moë! »

To this day, many people still wonder what dancehall machine Sean « Da » Paul is trying to tell us with this line from the classic Gimme the Light. Why is this the topic here and now? Dull at first, but while you’re here, please, please, please watch this absolutely colossal goal from Dimitar Berbatov:

And that brings us to the subject of brightness, because Dimitar « Dimi » Berbatov was one of the (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers who could turn a dark, slow-moving (Site notre bureau spécialisé) game into an unprecedented dazzling festival of lights in milliseconds with a single movement. In that sense, Berbatov was a dimmer player who sometimes had to be shaken and shaken from afar to make sure he was turning in the right direction.

Because Berbatov was not only an exceptional technician, a breathtaking habit, an icy goal killer, but also sometimes sloppy, apathetic and selfish. It regularly drove fans, coaches and teammates crazy – and Berbatov knew it well. At his stations in Leverkusen, Man United, Tottenham, Fulham and Monaco, countless fans shook their heads at the wasted talent of the Bulgarian, whose porcelain face sometimes looked more stolid than a sleeping sloth.

But there was also « Dimi », who turned on the light, took your breath away and with his smooth, velvety moves would probably even make Sean « Da » Paul age on the dance floor. By the way, Berbatov is now the forwards coach of Bulgarian Premier League club SFK Etar Veliko Tarnovo. First a bokkle a moë!