ᑕ❶ᑐ The ex-Palmeiras says he is « desperate » after almost losing his sight, talks about the « worst moment of his life » and announces the end of his career

The fantasy world is made up of characters who have had great adventures. Hercules, Robin Hood, Mulan, Don Quixote… the list goes on. Gualberto Luiz da Silva Jr. does not appear in such a universe, nor is it part of it. But if the sports field considered such heroes, Gualberto would definitely be listed.

« There was an accident on the pitch and I need your help. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a club to play for a while and I started playing for plain teams. I I had an accident in the field, I was taken to the hospital, I took an elbow, in which I had a depression in the bone of the face which affects my vision”.

The story, written in instagram Gualberto’s personal experience – but experienced by his wife, since the incident damaged the athlete’s eyesight – representing the beginning of a new chapter in the already existing long list of the relationship between the (former?) player and (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

Relationship not always positive, let’s say.

« As I can’t find a place to play professionally, I had been playing in the floodplains a bit over the weekend. I had played in the morning and then I went to play a championship in Morumbi, in Vila Rebouças. You died in the match, misadventure, in a stupid gesture”.

“My teammate ended up hitting me in the eye with his elbow. And it was in my good eye, that I saw — in the other I ended up losing my peripheral vision and I see about 50% on my own. When he got it right, everyone said I had to take a point, but I wasn’t even worried about it,” Gualberto reported, in an exclusive interview with Gazeta Esportiva.

corn is waiting. « Good eye »? Let’s rewind.

Comings and goings It all started in the basic categories of Palm trees. Gualberto had time at the Academy: it was almost 10 years there and he went through everything that sings: youth categories, B team, professional. As a junior, he unwittingly ate dog meat during a tournament with Verdão in South Korea. Subsequently, he received a television as a gift from goalkeeper Marcos in 2010, was loaned to ABC and Oeste, finally left the club in 2012. History? He must give and sell.

After being fired from Verdão, the reality for most Brazilian athletes knocked on the door: Gualberto rotated, rotated and passed through several clubs in Brazil.

Penapolense, America-MG, Criciúma, Botafogo-SP, Nacional, Joinville, Ferroviária, Ituano, Portuguesa Santista, Paysandu. Not in chronological order, since it was in the Pará team that another chapter of the conflicting relationship with sport took place.

In 2017, while defending Paysandu, Gualberto suffered retinal detachment in his right eye.

The result ? Loss of peripheral vision – which invariably blesses Gualberto, 33, technically. The end consequence was an even greater difficulty in finding a professional club to pursue his career, eventually – and so Várzea emerged as an alternative.

Last Sunday, the previously described incident occurred. Now left side, Gualberto took an elbow during the match and, from then on…

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Drama took over « When I got to the eye doctor, I started to feel bad and faint. The doctor said he couldn’t see me right away, he had to take me to the hospital. The closest was the (hospital) Santa Catarina. My friend who was with me trained me, but halfway through I got even worse,” he told the report.

“I got to the hospital, got first aid and they said I was unresponsive, half passed out. I just remember the doctor said I had to intubate. They did a tomography and the result was a facial injury that could impair my vision, I could have double vision. I needed surgery, but the fact is that it costs R$50,000,” he added.

“I had saved some money, but it wasn’t even close to that. My parents and I are trying to find an SUS hospital to make it cheaper. We are at an impasse « 

At the risk of further impairing his eyesight while waiting, Gualberto and his family decided to take action. They told the story on social networks and the idea was to raise a ‘crowdfunding’, online, to help with the costs of the operation.

The value, or at least a large part of it, has been collected. Gualberto wasn’t exactly sure, but he had help from friends to settle the initial payment and start the surgical process, which took place last Tuesday (18).

The attempt to publicize the incident on social media was to seek help from the many clubs Gualberto visited and collected stories. Pendant Nothing done.

“A friend of mine called several clubs I played for, but no one contacted me. Some (team) may have helped me with some value, but I can’t say. I haven’t had any contact with any club,” he revealed.

What awaits us? Either way, the focus now is on recovering and moving on to the next chapters in his relationship with (Site notre bureau spécialisé). Gualberto, however, guarantees that he will no longer act professionally – the psychological trauma is too present to ignore. Gradually, the book comes to an end.

« Honestly, I think it’s very difficult to talk about (Site notre bureau spécialisé) at the moment. It’s something I love, my joy. But this despair that I went through without seeing it was one of the worst moments of my life. Professionally, I will certainly not play again. If he comes back, it will be in the floodplain or just for fun. I can’t afford it anymore,” Gualberto’s final statement.

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