ᑕ❶ᑐ Rothen considers a possible elimination of PSG in C1 and explains why!

This Tuesday evening, Paris Saint-Germain faces Newcastle United in the Champions League. The French club, part of the group in C1, is one of the qualifiers, just like the Magpies, fourth class, not even the points of the hills among the Parisians.

For two pro-chain matches of the group, the Parisian team faced Newcastle, and Borussia Dortmund was the current leader of Group F with 7 points. If PSG is so close to one of the premature competitions, Jérôme Rothen announced that it was possible to have a radio broadcast on RMC, with the title “Rothen s’ignre”.

PSG like Manchester United?

While Jean-Michel Larqué, consultant, did not wish to consider an elimination of PSG and participation in the Europa League, the former PSG and AS Monaco midfielder for his part considered the possibility of seeing PSG sorted out the Champions League and focused on the European Cup where OM was present: “I don’t think so. This is what PSG (PSG) wrote in its font and its mother, based on the specials of the semi-finals of the European League, based on the reaction of Jean-Michel Larqué, this is not not a question of content, see the matches.”

This is why Jérôme Rothen, from PSG, was the inspiration for other prestigious clubs, citing the example of Manchester United in the European League with José Mourinho: “It’s a reminder. There is nothing in the Champions League, there is nothing at the required level. But we must not minimize the competitions.”

“PSG is not armed…”

However, the host believes that Paris does not have the necessary assets to win the Champions League this year: “There are too many gaps. Don’t prepare me for a possible elimination phase in the group stage. If we look back, if PSG is not level enough to sort the qualified groups for the European League, I suppose they are armed for the joker.

While waiting for a possible adventure in the Europa League, PSG will be on the sidelines of qualifying for the Champions League round.