ᑕ❶ᑐ Insults and Resentment: Find out why this journalist does not forgive the behavior of the Argentinians during the EdF match!

The 2022 World Cup final in Qatar is a laissez-faire affair. A French journalist has never heard of the defeat of the national team and the controversies that led to Argentina’s victory.

It was difficult after a long final against Argentina, France was trailing 2-0 in the 36th minute, but it still won the match with Kylian Mbappé (80th, 81st), before losing the game session of shots on goal (4-2), after a score of 3-3 – with goals from Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé again – in overtime.

After the match and during his life, the Argentinian gardener, Emiliano Martinez, encouraged the French players to take him back, notably the Paris Saint-Germain scorer, with the help of a doll. Since then, the Aston Villa goalkeeper has apologized to the French player.

“I don’t know if Argentina deserved to win the World Cup…”

sour CMRin the show The Big Mouths, Cyril Linette, former journalist turned director, expressed his frustration in a post after the lost final of Didier Deschamps’ French team. The critical criticism of the Argentines: “Defeats remain indelible memories. I had nothing to do with the car during the shootout but it’s the worst way to lose a final. I don’t know if Argentina deserved to win the World Cup overall. The objective is for the France team to play every day. We all know they were sick. 100% we would have beaten them. Although sport involves provocation, I have never seen such a blatant lack of class from the winners, including Lionel Messi. Argentinians behave like vulgar people. When you win, you have the right to be elegant”.

Criticizing Argentina, a French habit

This offensive statement was made in response to Jerome Rothen’s recent reports regarding Lionel Messi. The former Paris Saint-Germain player criticized the arrogant attitude of the Argentine players, not the Inter Miami captain. Disagreeing, Daniel Riolo described this as“basic small partisan attitude”.

What is certain is that Argentina’s defeat in the final last year leaves no one indifferent in France.