ᑕ❶ᑐ How Botafogo’s recent deal can set an example for the board and ‘reassure’ the crowd after Jeffinho’s unexpected departure

Jeffinho was traded by Botafogo to Lyon and surprised some of the public. Erison’s negotiation and the arrival of Tiquinho Soares could be an example to follow

the company involving Botafogo e Lyons to pay Jeffinho has been in the headlines for the past few days and has most Alvinegro fans outraged, as one of the team’s main highlights would be loaned out to another club where John Textor Owner son.

However, last Tuesday (31), the Rio team reports he is available for permanent client to the French for 10 million euros (R$55 million), with an option for an additional bonus of 2.5 million euros, i.e. almost R$69 million.

It is true that the values ​​​​can serve as a « consolation » to the inhabitants of Botafogo, but there are still those who continue to rumble worried about a replacement to the height.

And a recent agreement concluded by the carioca club, after the establishment of the SAF, this can serve as an example for the board to use as a success story, and fans can calm their minds as they wait for a positive scenario to come.

Erison leaves and Tiquinho Soares arrives

In August 2022, on a Friday, the Glorious also surprised fans by announcing the loan of Erison to pay Estorilyou Portugal.

The club’s top scorer of the season 15 I stumble 34 matches,’The bullleft for Portugal and left part of the alvinegros without understanding very well, since the conclusion of the agreement took place on the eve of the Derby with flamenco and the number 89 shirt was the industry’s first option.

In a bid to thunder more game time and striker time, negotiation became a meme theme in the coach’s press conference Luis Castrowho drew in question the number 9 jersey requests at the time to corroborate the initiative.

« You can’t have two truths. We can’t have the truth that a month ago you (the press) said it was good to hire a 9 and today the truth is already different. Intellectual honesty must be part of us. It’s true that a month ago we said that we needed a 9, that Erison didn’t produce, they didn’t have this, that… It was the analysis. The truth is that they have arrived Tiquinho Soares e Junior SantosWe have the Matheus Nascimento and Erison. A decision had to be made. Four nines for a team is too much for any team in the world. In the analysis he had heard that Erison needed a lot of playing time, Europe could give him that and here there could be this risk that he would not have that playing time, ”said the Portuguese about the striker, who is about to be announced as a reinforcement for São Paulo.

If Erison did come out and rock backstage, the short-term future meant fans might get a positive response. Tiquinho Soares was announced on August 12, even before ‘The bull‘.

The debut of the number 9 jersey did not take place until September, since it arrived from Olympiacos with a muscular problem and could not make his debut until three weeks later against Fortaleza.

Under some suspicion and even a lack of knowledge from the fans, Tiquinho managed to win over the fans in just a few games, scoring six objects and thunder of them help to 12 matches, being essential in the home stretch of the Brasileirao.

Example to be repeated in 2023

(Site notre blog d’information) is not a mathematical formula. There are variables that interfere and make the sport even more exciting, fleeing an exact science. In 2022, the top scorer Erison was traded, and a response to the height was given, with the arrival of Tiquinho Soares, who raised the technical and competitive level of the alvinegro offensive sector and left no room for a « shadow » of the old number 89 jersey above the Nilton Santos stadium.

“I had to make a lot of unpopular decisions. I loaned Erison when he had scored 15 goals in the year. I knew that I was going to arrive, that he would be on the bench and that he would not evolve, both for his career and to bring resources to the club later. I am not arrogant, I know that I will make decisions that may later turn out to be wrong.. The only two ways to fight for titles right now is if we spend a lot of money that we don’t have now or if we build a sustainable future bit by bit,” John Textor said live on Tuesday. last (24), even before the negotiation for Jeffinho to go public.

With the departure of Jeffinho, an important player with unique characteristics in the Botafogo team, the board an example that can be followed in a bid to further qualify Luís Castro’s side and reduce recent attrition with fans.

Botafogo next games

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  • Boavista (F) – 5/2 – 4 p.m. – Campeonato Carioca

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