ᑕ❶ᑐ Corinthians defeats Grêmio to regain the lead in the Women’s Brasileirão

O Corinthians regained the lead in the Brazilian Women’s Championship by beating guild 4-0 on Monday. In Canindé, the Brabas counted on goals from Yasmin, Victoria Albuquerque, Mariza and Duda Sampaio to maintain 100% success in the 3 disputed rounds so far.

After scoring 22 goals in the opening three rounds, Corinthians reached nine points and regained the lead in the competition. The Brabas’ next game will be a direct confrontation at the top of the table. Monday, face the railwaysecond undefeated, an Arena Fonte Luminosa.

Grêmio followed with four points, in 10th place. In the first round, the Gauchos were tied with cruise and defeated the Atletico MG. The team’s next challenge is on Saturday, against the last Cearaat the Airton Ferreira stadium, in Eldorado do Sul (RS).

The goals of the game

Corinthians started the game and created danger. With less than a minute, the Brabas arrived on the opposing surface and passed very close to the goal with Millene and Luana. It didn’t take Timão long to open the score. At 10 minutes from the first half, the local team obtained a free kick at the entrance to the surface. Yasmin went to the penalty spot and perfectly hit. The team struck from the right angle and gave Gremio’s keeper no chance to defend.

Timão extended the advantage until the 36th minute. Gabi Portilho crossed in the middle of the box and Tamires dominated. Before she could follow suit, Victoria Albuquerque arrived, straightening it out for her. The midfielder hit the left corner and swelled the net.

Even ahead on the scoreboard, Corinthians kept putting pressure on their opponents. The Brabas continue to dominate possession of the ball and attack the defense of the gauchos. After 3 minutes, Juliana Ferreira tried her luck from outside the box, but the shot didn’t come out strong and the peace was easily defended. At 11, Victoria Albuquerque tried her hand at the entrance to the surface and sent her to the middle of the goal. Another quiet save for the Gremista keeper.

Despite the pressure, the home side’s third goal came on the home stretch in the 43rd minute. After a corner, the Gremio defense made a bad pass and the ball was left for Mariza at the edge of the area. The defender dominated and dropped a bomb which exploded in the drawer. Before the end, there was still time for Corinthians to score one more. At 47, Duda Sampaio took advantage of another surplus to complete the account, 4 to 0.