What a game! 🤯 Schalke’s mega comeback does not take place

3-0 after 26 minutes – From Schalke’s point of view, there were signs of a real debacle in the first half. Zero body language, zero effort and zero goals, Schalke’s performance was an unmitigated disaster. It could have been a truly bitter evening, but Schalke only went into the break « 0-3 ». Düsseldorf’s goals were scored by Vincent Vermeij (13th and 26th) and Felix Klaus (19th).

Things got really crazy in the second half. Schalke took the lead and Marcin Kaminski reduced the score to 1:3 in the 56th minute. Less than ten minutes later, Fortuna responded, Christos Tzolis restored the old distance and the match seemed decided. But I was wrong, S04 came back – and how! Tomáš Kalas scored Schalke’s second goal, it was Fortuna’s first headed goal this season, and Bryan Lasme made it 3-4 seconds later. The final in the madness of Düsseldorf was denied to the home team, Jona Niemiec sealed the victory for Fortuna.