Colomiers. The first generation of women’s football

The occasion of the team’s pennant weekend opens a page in the local history of women’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé). These seasons are enough for the team to be at the national level, in D3.

But long before, Colomiers already had a women’s team at national level which had its hours of glory. She competed with the biggest clubs: OL, OM, Saint-Etienne, Soyaux-Angoulême, Romagnat… Colomiers and all the internationals. The first child from Colomiers with a selection and a team with the French team of the young generation Nicole Abar. Others followed: Marie – Stella d’Andréa, Christine Cruz…

The former presidents of this women’s section were frequently regulated by the stands of the captaincy: Robert Seroux, former boss of the former Kin_Hu bar and Jean-Michel Touzelet, former president of the USC. Available in July 1968, for a friendly opposition against the Aussonne team on the old Gare ground.

An ambitious group

After similar matches, the friends against Cornebarrieu, Objat, Varetz, the team of the team hired by Christian Tillet tries its adventure in FSGT. A great victory against Annecy (10-0) gave the group more ambition.

The CLLLC section draws on its inspiration and the title of champion of France. Their progression, in a tighter championship, with fewer levels, quickly brought them to the highest level. After a brilliant and overly courteous performance, the absence of sponsors was fatal to the team.

The CLLLC administrators decided to reach the highest level. The section is at the regional level. The section is broken and the section happens when the female (Site notre bureau spécialisé) is taking off.

Today, under the colors of USC, the Columérines who have quickly climbed many levels are well on their way to equaling the pioneers.