🤯 Show 2.0! Hertha and FCM once again had a wild exchange of blows

There is something in the air when Hertha BSC and 1.FC Magdeburg meet. Targets, for example, fog from pyrotechnics or early dismissals. After the score of 6:4 in the first leg, the teams and fans did not disappoint in the first half of the second leg.

One after the other: First, both fan camps lit up the Berlin Olympic Stadium with lots of combustible materials.

On the field, Magdeburg then took the advantage to everyone’s surprise thanks to a great combination from captain Baris Atik. But Hertha captain Fabian Reese also took the lead shortly after. The winger took a penalty and then converted it himself.

However, we didn’t have time to breathe. Since FCM midfielder Jean Hugonet had to brake urgently, the visitors have been outnumbered since the 37th minute. The free kick due? Was welded precisely in the corner by the coach’s son Palko Dardai.

But then things got really strange: maybe the fans felt neglected after so much spectacle on the pitch. Due to another protest interruption, play was halted for several minutes.

Firstly, the first half must end early and the missing minutes from the second half must be added on top. Finally, after a one-minute interruption, play resumed as usual.

The Spectacle 2.0 course will also be maintained in the second semester. Barely five minutes after the restart, Tobias Müller equalized with a header for the Magdeburg team while they were outnumbered. Of course, Fabian Reese didn’t let it last long and put the hosts back in the lead soon after. It’s now clear: it really is a spectacle again.