🤔 Double punishment for Wolves: is Bayer currently firing Kovac?

Things haven’t been going well at Wolfsburg lately. The Lower Saxony team last won against the current bottom team from Darmstadt in mid-December. Niko Kovac’s chair may be on shaky ground as Wolves find themselves in a direct relegation zone with the points they have earned in the last 18 games.

Even against the front runners, things haven’t gone well yet. After Moritz Jenz received a yellow-red card, Tella led Alonso’s team before the break.

In the meantime, heads are probably already turning in the Wolfsburg executive suite, as it’s hard to imagine winning a point against the unstoppable Leverkusen team when they are outnumbered. The Wolfsburg management must almost inevitably ask themselves the question whether Kovac can continue. So far, the former Bayern coach has reportedly enjoyed support in crucial positions.