🤔 Are you aiming for a promotion? 96 first-class starters against Nuremberg

After their European tour in the early 2010s, Hannover 96 set high standards. Even in the fifth year of the second division, they are looking upwards again. If the Reds still played like they did against 1.FC Nuremberg, they could still get promotion.

First, Havard Nielsen gave the 96ers the advantage after a free kick from Léopold (6th). As a result, Hannover continued to play forward and combine chance after chance. Only the goal barrier and FCN goalkeeper Carl Klaus prevented something worse from happening.

After a repeated and clear attack, Nielsen scored again to make the score 2-0 (38th). Reason enough for some fans to think back to the glory days. In contrast, Hannover’s 2-0 lead was an extremely treacherous result this season. The lead has been ceded several times this season.

But on this day, coach Stefan Leitl’s team left nothing amiss. After several more chances to make it 3-0, it was former club Cédric Teuchert who scored in stoppage time to make the final score 3-0.

What do you think: Can Hannover still have a say in promotion?