🚨 Milan in distress: DFB defender must leave the field after emergency save against Juve

Things can happen so quickly in (Site notre bureau spécialisé). You don’t pay attention for a moment in a sprint duel and a few seconds later the referee sends you to take a shower. In the 40th minute of the Serie A match between Milan and Juventus Turin, Juve’s Moise Kean broke away from former Schalke player Malick Thiaw. The German international then had only one choice: emergency braking.

He was the last man to get the 23-year-old to his feet, tearing his jersey. Then there was only one right decision. Red.

His third career expulsion could end badly. The hosts must now survive a full half with ten men.

The fears have come true for the moment. Manuel Locatelli gave the Old Lady the lead in the 63rd minute.