😳 Ooooooops! Mbappé panics completely in the cup

If a striker seems to apologize during a game, it’s not always because of the next big chance that was unexpectedly missed. It may also be because the striker in question went a little overboard.

Because there is no other way to describe Kylian Mbappé’s performance today in the Coupe de France. The 22-year-old is coming off a five-pack against sixth-division side Pays de Cassel.

After one of his booths, it looked like Mbappé, who was also allowed to wear the PSG captain’s armband for the first time in the game, could hardly be happy about the goal.

Which is understandable: in the frenzy of goals, the repeat offender managed, among other things, a clear hat-trick in the space of only fifteen minutes. You can apologize against a fourth division team. By the way, for Mbappé, this is the first five-pack of his career. It is also the first five-pack of a player wearing a PSG shirt.