😳 Five legends immortalized: Vini Jr. gets a mega tattoo

Many (Site notre bureau spécialisé) players have memorable tattoos. We think, for example, of Memphis Depay, who had a huge lion stabbed in the back with a needle. However, the Dutchman now has plenty of competition when it comes to the question ‘Who has the craziest back tattoo in La Liga?’ Real star Vinicius Jr. had five absolute sporting legends immortalized under his skin.

Kobe Bryant, Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan and Pelé are now on the back of the Brazilian international. While Vini is still one of the sporting legends with « Mentality », the winger’s shoulder bears the well-known slogan « Black Lives Matter » written for years. Vinicius himself had been the victim of racist insults in recent years.

We can only hope that the Real Madrid star won’t have to deal with any racist insults in the future and can fully concentrate on the sport. He definitely has a bunch of mentality monsters on his back now.