😱 A German in the middle! Three goals in five crazy EPL minutes

January 3, Tuesday evening, wet and cold weather, it does not necessarily call for (Site notre bureau spécialisé). And yet, the ball is in motion… In England, of course. And the Premier League does not disappoint.

While no goals were scored in the best game between Arsenal and Newcastle, things went really well between Everton and Brighton. At the break, the Seagulls only led 1-0, but from the 51st minute they set off a fireworks display that looked like a second Christmas Eve.

In five minutes and five seconds Brighton went 4-0! In the middle, instead of being right there, there was a German. Pascal Groß scored the fourth goal for the guests. German-Turkish Deniz Undav was missing from Brighton’s squad so he only watched from the outside.

In any case, the Seagulls are putting Everton coach Frank Lampard in trouble. Is the legend of English (Site notre bureau spécialisé) now threatened with expulsion? Either way, Everton are stuck deep in the basement table, Lampard’s criticisms are unlikely to diminish with this bankruptcy.