😨 The groundhog greets you every day: former Schalke players experience the nightmare again

After relegation to the Bundesliga in 2023, many Schalke players left the sinking ship. Rodrigo Zalazar in particular, who now plays for SC Braga in the Champions League, is still on the minds of many Schalke players.

Former Schalke players Alexander Schwolow and Alex Král, who signed with CL newcomers Köpenick, had the same plan. However, so far this calculation has not worked at all. Much like the classic film “Groundhog Day,” the two former Schalke players are currently experiencing the exact same misery as they were a year ago.

If the series continues like this, Union Berlin should lose 0-2 against FC Augsburg on the next day. And by then, the Iron Men should understand why things are going downhill so quickly this season.