🔥 Klara-Bühl-Hammer: Germany still has a chance to qualify for the Olympics

There was a confrontation against Denmark at the Ostseestadion in Rostock: Germany needed a victory with at least a two-goal margin to maintain its chances of qualifying for the Olympic Games. Klara Bühl made it all clear in stoppage time.

Due to Lena Oberdorf’s injury, interim national coach Horst Hrubesch sent a new midfielder onto the field: Sjoeke Nüsken and Sara Däbritz played next to each other, and Sydney Lohmann officially started alongside Alexandra Popp, but has played virtually everywhere. This was also the case in the 14th minute: Lohmann helped defend a Danish lead on the right side, the ball he collected landed on Däbritz, who passed it to Bühl from the left. Bühl dribbled towards the Danish defense, then passed the ball to Sarai Linder, who stormed the sideline. Her cross landed straight on Alexandra Popp’s head and the captain nodded home to make it 1-0.

The first dangerous advances actually belonged to Denmark: from the second minute, an attack ran down the left side, the ball finally fell to Amalie Vangsgaard in the middle, whose pass to Mille Gejl was played too firmly. In general, Germany had more possession of the ball in the first half and were clearly more offensive, but had to watch out for some of the Danes’ counter-attacks. There were often duels between Marina Hegering from Wolfsburg and Vangsgaard from PSG.

Happy in happiness

Merle Frohms had to intervene on a cross from Frederikke Thögersen in the 19th minute and was a bit lucky as the ball slipped to the far post, but Denmark could do nothing about it. Instead, the goal came again from the other side and once again from the header.

However, it was Klara Bühl who took a corner and served it for Hegering. The minimum required result was therefore achieved – but with a difference of three goals it would have been certain that Germany would finish ahead of Denmark in the standings. This is why Germany continued to apply pressure. Däbritz could have increased the score just before the break with a shot from the right half.

International debut for Senss

Elisa Senß entered the field at half-time and made her international debut. While Däbritz and Nüsken previously positioned themselves next to each other, Senß clearly positioned herself in defensive midfield, giving Nüsken the opportunity to play more offensively, as she regularly does at her new club Chelsea. The Danes played more actively immediately after the break and tried to put pressure on the German defense from the start, but it didn’t really become dangerous. Sanne Troelsgaard had the opportunity to shoot in the 63rd minute and forced Frohms to make a save; she was only able to keep the ball in the follow-up before Janni Thomsen rushed over.

Clear opportunities are missing

The DFB team tried hard to score the third goal, but had no clear chances to finish. Alexandra Popp had the best after an exceptional pass from Nüsken in the 75th minute: Popp suddenly found herself alone in front of Danish goalkeeper Lene Christensen due to the cut pass behind the defense, but only hit the post point blank because she had little time to react.

Sydney Lohmann had a huge chance to make it 3-0 in the 86th minute: Popp sent him the ball in the penalty area and Lohmann shot, but Stine Ballisager got his (Site notre bureau spécialisé) in the way! Likewise, in the 2nd minute of added time, Lohmann cut through Gevitz and found herself free on the right side of the five-man area in front of Christensen, but her finish was too weak after a dynamic run. But then Klara Bühl arrived: Sjoeke Nüsken made a pass to the left side of the penalty area, for a moment it seemed that Popp and Bühl did not know who should go to the ball, but then Bühl hammered the ball in the farthest corner. for the third: 0 Final score!

That means Germany still need a win against Wales next week, but have the best chance of reaching the final round of Olympic qualifying.