📸 Curious goal against his camp: how many errors correspond to a scene?

In the case of own goals, it is most often the own goalscorer who has to justify himself. But there are also personal goals where everyone involved looks pretty stupid. As well as in the match between Holstein Kiel and 1. FC Nürnberg.

In the 19th minute, FCN goalkeeper Jensen shot from his own backline of Kiel’s Lewis Holtby, but he couldn’t handle the ricochet, so the ball rolled parallel to the goal in front of Nürberger’s box, where Skrybski really only had to push. .

That’s exactly what the Kiel striker got from an angle that was perhaps a bit too sharp, but he couldn’t do it.

Luckily (from Kiel’s perspective), FCN defender Florian Flick ‘rushed in to help’ at that exact moment.

Trying to clarify Skrybski’s actually completely harmless attempt, Flick maneuvered the ball into his own net.

As a result, Jensen’s error wasn’t properly used early on, both through Holtby’s lack of reaction and Skrybski’s inability, before eventually their own defender dealt with it himself and secured a slightly odd own goal.