📸 At least smarter than Mbappé: the American rapper with a bizarre game of hide and seek

Incognito mode on another level. The bizarre appearance of an American rapper at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium invites a quick guessing game: who is she making fun of during a game of hide and seek?

It would certainly be impossible to find the right solution with the supplied camera equipment. The reference to his vocation is more probable. If we tell you now that this man feverishly dreams of one day serving as President of the United States, it might click.

Tights and a hoodie are not a Kanye West fashion statement in the Italian fashion capital.

The American follows the duel between Inter and Atlético from the stands. He did it a little smarter than, for example, Kylian Mbappé and Achraf Hakimi did some time ago when they were on vacation in New York.

Of course, Kanye West was still recognized.

What do you think of the game of hide and seek? Understandable given the level of popularity or stupid? Don’t hesitate to write us your opinion in the comments!