🎥 « Known for defeats »: Buli-Klub is coffin by Lauterbach 😅

Karl Lauterbach is actually Federal Minister of Health, but apparently he still has a part-time job. At least he coffin a Bundesliga club according to all the rules of the art.

« These are probably leaving (Site notre bureau spécialisé) fans, where Werder Bremen lost again, » he said as he was supposed to perform a video in which people jumped on a train and read: « Bremen is different ».

When asked if Werder were so bad, Lauterbach replied curtly: “Notorious for their defeats. But then he thought, because a national election is approaching in Bremen and said instead: “These are people who come to Bremen and look forward to the game. It seems that the green-whites need a doctor more than a health minister after these words.

But it should also be clear that the statements were funny and not to be taken seriously. So no one needs to get excited.