ᑕ❶ᑐ Vítor Pereira admits he didn’t leave Corinthians only because of a personal issue and never parted ways with the team: ‘United group’

When Vítor Pereira decided to leave Corinthians, many fans were truly sorry. After all, with the coach, I team had a great campaign in the Brasileirao and was a finalist in Brazil Cup. However, soon after, the Portuguese became persona non grata with ten out of ten Corinthians fans.

Indeed, after having justified that he had to leave Brazil because of a health problem with his mother-in-law, he accepted flamencowhere he worked in the first months of 2023, until he was fired due to significant defeats in cariocan championship, Brazilian Super Cup, CONMEBOL Cup Winners Cup and also in club world cup.

Back in Portugal, Vítor Pereira according to a long interview with the newspaper Register and commented on various issues related to his time at Corinthians. One of them was the relationship with the players, something that came to the fore after Júnior Moraes took part in a podcast. In the chat, the striker clarified that no one in the team likes the Portuguese.

This sentence was received by VP with astonishment: “I think that in any group there are always dissatisfied players. Some play more and some play less. This dissatisfaction is natural and I have to make decisions, based on what I see. that whoever plays the least is unhappy. Now his words were unfortunate and they honestly surprised me. A player with his experience says what he said. I don’t remember any problems with the players, also because it was an easy group to manage. It was a united group. I only started hearing about problems after I left the club. But if the problems were serious, we would never have had the season we did. For me, we just didn’t have a brilliant season, because a penalty didn’t go in for hitting the crossbar. In the Copa do Brasil final, if the ball had gone in, we would have won the trophy and so the year would be brilliant, with the team we had.

Visibly generated by Júnior Moraes’ attitude, Vítor Pereira also revealed that after the repercussions of the news he was wanted by the striker. « Yeah, I texted him and he apologized to me. He said he was misunderstood, but that question needs to be asked. He has to explain himself and he told me he was posting what he meant. Honestly, it was a big disappointment for me, I didn’t expect this attitude, especially from a player I’ve always helped, who had injury problems most of the time and I I always tried to help her. it’s the case. Human beings have these things. I was disappointed, but I’m moving on.

The coach also explained the reasons behind his departure from the club: « My departure was linked to personal problems which were made public and which should not have been. Also, there are problems with a project which , I thought, would not get me where I thought and that I might not be able to repeat the previous season. That I would have more difficulties, since the club is in financial difficulties. The club really needs a plan strategic to deal with these difficulties and I didn’t really feel like it was possible to continue to improve and fight for titles, which has always been my goal,” he said, explaining that he has no regrets about leaving Parque São Jorge: « When I make decisions, I think I’m doing what’s best for my life and for the life of my family. After deciding and going through the situations, I can think that was not the best decision. But I don’t feel regret, because I have become conscious. »

At the end of the interview, Vítor Pereira even translated a message to Corinthians fans.

« To the Corinthians fans, I say I understand the pain. In fact, the exchange was not easy. I have always had a very strong bond with them. Playing Itaquera, it was almost certain for me that we won with their support. . And what I felt across the country. I have to thank you for the support you have always given us.

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